Hey everyone! Hope that the filming is going well. Here are a couple notes as the contest creation time comes to a close.

– All films must be submitted by the end of Monday April 3

– All Filming/major editing should be finished by Sunday Night

– Monday is reserved for Exporting/color correction/audio leveling etc. Since you probably haven’t slept much please wrap creation editing on Sunday. In order to ensure a fair contest and to not impact your upcoming school week don’t spend Monday shooting/editing as well.

– When you are ready to submit put your vimeo link here

– If your team has financial concerns you can contact me directly

– Compress your film to fit the vimeo guidelines. You don’t need a pro account just export your film small enough to fit the free account.  If you want to transfer me a higher quality less compressed version for the premiere night I can dropbox you a link or just wetransfer it to me.

– If you have any questions please email me at Premiere night is tentatively scheduled for mid May. I will update this site when I have a solid date.


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