Fall 2008 Prompt

******** Below is the Prompt for the Fall 2008 50 Hour Film Contest **********

Your Prop: a bicycle

This prop must be clearly visible and somehow used/featured in the movie.

Your Character:  A character that is a delivery person.

This character must be acted out in the film. This character cannot merely be talked about. The audience/judges must realize that the actor is a professional delivery person. They could be a flower, pizza or package or other delivery person of your choosing.

Your lines of dialogue:

“Did someone say my name?”
“You lucked out.”
“__________,  best school in country.”
“That’s the rumor (going around).”
“There’s gonna be _________ (insert girls or boys) there.”
“Meet me on the corner in ______ minutes. ”
“I just want to make sure we understand each other. ”
“Let’s wait a few minutes.”
“What’s the story? ”
“Let me know if you find him.”

You must use five of the ten lines above! This dialogue must be kept in
intact sentences, but the order, the timing or usage of these sentences
is entirely up to your group. These five sentences MUST be able to be
heard clearly in the final movie.

Your Genre: Road Movie

A journey or quest on the road or trail, to search for escape (for
example, while on the lam during a crime spree) or to engage in a quest
for some kind of goal — either a distinct destination, or the
attainment of love, freedom, mobility, redemption, the finding or
rediscovering of oneself, or coming-of-age.

In these films, the road often functioned as a testing ground or proving
ground for the main characters. This genre of “road film” can be
combined with others i.e. a “road comedy,” or a “road suspense” but the
road/journey should be an integral part of the movie.

Example Road films:

* National Lampoon’s Vacation
* Thelma and Louise
* North by North West
* O’ Brother Where Art Thou?
* The Wizard of Oz
* Natural Born Killers

We want to remind the groups that we do not want to see explicit
violence or language in these films. If we receive a film that portrays
graphic violence or inappropriate content it may be disqualified from
judging and/or viewing. If inappropriate language is present it will be
muted out. Stick to TV appropriate language and it will save us from
having to mute out inappropriate language.

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