Spring 2018 Contest Films

Best Overall Film – Wiretap Productions

Best Cinematography – The Shift – Chickenheadedbaby Films


Best Screenplay – Seek – Wonderness Studios

Best Editing – The Evidence – Wolffire Productions


Honorable mentions:

Paranoia – KGMMC Productions

Reparations – Winthrop Productions

Great work by everyone involved. Keep an eye out for next year’s contest!

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Tonight’s the Night!

Hope to see you all at the Roxy at 7pm here is the order of films being presented. $5 suggested donation at the door to cover theater costs.

fifty program spring 2018(page 2)

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Premiere Night May 10th!

We are headed back to the Roxy in Downtown Burlington for our premiere night. It will be Thursday May 10th at 7pm. Tickets will be 5 dollars each at the door to cover the cost of the theater rental. Filmmakers and team members are free.

Please click and share our Facebook event

See you there!

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Films are off to the Judges

I will update here when I set a firm date for the premiere. I am looking at thursday nights the first two weeks of May.



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Films received so far

  • Chickenheadedbaby Films
  • Winthrop Productions
  • Wolffire Productions
  • Wire Tap Productions
  • Wonderness Studios
  • KGMMC productions
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I hope your films are going well!!!

We are deep into the contest now and I hope your films are coming along nicely. Films are due to be submitted by Monday the latest. We prefer to take submissions from Vimeo. Please do not buy a Vimeo subscription just for this contest. You can send us a better quality/ higher resolution export for our premiere night and share over wetransfer or the like. These vimeo films are used to send to our judges for scoring and wont be penalized for not being in 4k.

To submit click on the submit link on the top or click here

If you have any issues or questions feel free to contact us.




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Spring 2018 Prompt

********** Fifty Hour Film Contest Spring 2018 Prompt **********************

Your Genre: MacGuffin Hunt

A “MacGuffin” is a plot device that takes the form of some goal or object that triggers the events of the story. The characters’ search for this person or thing drives the plot of the film. For example, the search for the “Holy Grail” sets up the narrative for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and The Da Vinci Code

 Other “MacGuffin Hunt” Examples:



Pulp Fiction

The briefcase

Lord of the Rings

The One Ring

Saving Private Ryan

Private Ryan

Finding Nemo


National Treasure

The treasure

Star Wars: Rogue One

The plans for the Death Star

Harry Potter

Philosopher’s stone, Chamber of Secrets, horcruxes, Deathly Hallows, etc.

Your Prop: A mountain

This prop must be clearly seen in your film and incorporated into the story in some way. Top screenplay points will be given to teams that make this prop a part of the story rather than simply showing it on screen.

Your Character: “The Persuader”

This character has the knack for making others see things his/her way, even when that way seems foolish to most reasonable people at first.

Your Dialogue

  • I’d love to stay and chat, but not with you.

  • It turns out that my only mistake was getting caught.

  • Have you seen my sandals?

  • Despite everything that’s happened, this could still be the best day of your life.

  • You have one shot. Do you think you have the arm for it?

  • I think we’ll have to blame the government for this one.

  • I haven’t had my twelve Diet Cokes today.

  • It’s at 99%. It’s pretty much guaranteed!

  • Did I tell you about my trip to Colorado?

  • Meet me outside. How does that sound?

You must use at least five of the lines above! This dialogue must be kept in intact sentences, but the order, timing, and usage of these lines is entirely up to your group. These five lines MUST be clearly heard in your final film.

Good luck!

Tom and Nick

Downloadable/printable PDF:    Spring 2018 Prompt

If you have any questions feel free to email: tom@fiftyhourfilm.com

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Prompt will be posted here @ 2:30 on Friday

I will post the prompt here 2:30 on Friday! Keep your eyes on the site around that time.

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Teams Registered for the 2018 Fifty Hour Film Contest

Registration is open get your teams signed up!

  • Wonderness Studios
  • Wolffire Productions
  • KGMMG Productions
  • Chickenheadedbaby Films
  • Arc em’ Park em’ Studios
  • Winthrop Productions
  • Wire Tap Productions
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Spring 2018 Contest is the weekend of March 23rd-25th

Spring 2018 Contest is the weekend of March 23rd-25th. Get your teams together! Registration will open March 1st.

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