Wrapping up

I hope everyone had a productive weekend of film making!  To submit your film click on this link  http://fiftyhourfilm.com/wp/?page_id=276 or the submit tab on the top of the webpage.

You should be able to come under 500 mbs with your final exports no need to buy a plus Vimeo account. You can dropbox me a larger file later for use at the premiere but usually 720p is fine for judging or premiere night.

Check the vimeo compression guidelines https://vimeo.com/help/compression  here if you are having problems.  It has video tutorials for most common software.

If you have financial issues with the entry fee please contact me and we waive fees based on need.

Now get some sleep!



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Spring 2015 50 Hour Prompt


Fifty Hour Film Contest

Spring 2015


Your Genre:    Adaptation Film

An Adaptation Film is based on actual events. Generally, they are based on a person’s life, a famous historical event, or pulled from the headlines of recent events. Since real life has many genres, so do Adaptation films, which means that your film could cut across several genres. However, the styles and methods of presentation are entirely up to you.

Note: It can be risky to portray real people without their permission. Even though you will be adapting a true story, You may want to provide a disclaimer in your film that states that all persons portrayed are fictitious.

Useful Legal Information

This one is about writing, but it can also be applied to film: http://helensedwick.com/how-to-use-real-people-in-your-writing/

Here’s a longer one that pertains to film: http://www.marklitwak.com/self-defense-for-filmmakers.html


Example Adaptation Films:

American Sniper
8 Mile
The Theory of Everything
All the President’s Men
Captain Phillips
Apollo 13
127 Hours
The Wolf of Wall Street
Hotel Rwanda
Schindler’s List
Into the Wild
A Beautiful Mind
In Cold Blood
Remember the Titans
The Walk


Your Prop:

A tool used for measuring the time of day that is not a watch, phone, or wall clock

This prop must be clearly seen in your film and incorporated into the story in some way. Top screenplay points will be given to teams that make this prop a part of the story rather than simply showing it in the background.

Your Character:

Your character must be drawn from the real story that you are pulling your adaptation from.  A link to the event should be placed in the description of your film so that we can see the correlation of your character to the story.


Your Dialogue


  • Is it really? (sarcastic)

  • I remember my first run-in with cops.

  • I can still see the detectives licking their chops.

  • I’m not a model,  I don’t see the reason to have a six-pack abs.

  • A person’s a person, no matter how small.

  • How bad is it?

  • Is that supposed to be funny?

  • Free from what?

  • This is not how I wanted the evening to go.

  • Calm down. What’s wrong?

  • I feel like I’ve seen something like this in the news.

You must use at least five of the lines above! This dialogue must be kept in intact sentences, but the order, timing, and usage of these lines is entirely up to your group. These five lines MUST be clearly heard in your final film

Good luck!

*Printable Version:*  Spring 2015 Prompt

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Today is the day!

Check back here around 2:30 for the prompt to be posted. Good luck to all the teams!

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Teams Registered for the Spring 2015 50

  • Nocturnal Films
  • J-FIST
  • Taco Tuesday
  • Yada Yada Films
  • Strictly Platonic
  • wholemilk Productions
  • The Credits
  • Blind Robin Productions
  • Tuff Gladiator Productions
  • Savvy Production
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Date Conflicts

If your team has date conflicts with the current date please contact me tom@fiftyhourfilm.com. We can try to work something out on an alternate weekend for your group.

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And Another Date Change Spring Contest Now April 10-12th

Due to a conflict with Easter we are bumping another week. Sorry again for the inconvenience just trying to find a date that works for the majority of teams.

New contest is April 10-12th

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Spring Date Change Now April 4-5th 2015

Due to multiple conflicts with numerous teams we have moved the spring date to the weekend of April 3rd-5th. Please update your calendars and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Spring Date Weekend of March 20-22nd *tentative*

I have been getting a couple emails about the 50 date being in conflict with some activities. If your group has issues with this date please let me know at tom@fiftyhourfilm.com. I don’t like changing the date because some people have already scheduled around it but I like to have a date where as many groups as possible will be able to work. So a date change could be in the works if we can’t get a majority of the teams to go on the 20th-22nd.

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Fall 2014 Contest Films

Here they are your Fall 2014 50 hour films.

Best Overall Film – The Replacement – Strictly Platonic

The Replacement

Best Screenplay – How to Become a Spy in 19 Steps or Spy Trying – Yada Yada Films

How to Become a Spy in 19 Steps or Spy Trying

Best Cinematography – Make Yourself at Home – The Credits

Make Yourself At Home

Best Editing – Target Taco Tuesday – Taco Tuesday

Target Taco Tuesday

Honorable Mentions

The Inspector (Short Film Made for Vermont 50 Hour Film Contest Fall 2014)

Black Heart – A 50 Hour Film



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Fall 2014 Premiere Night Photos

Thanks to everyone to who braved the weather and came out for a awesome night.

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