Fall 2010 Prompt

***** Below is the Prompt for the Fall 2010 50 Hour Film Contest *****

Your Prop: Little Debbie’s or Hostess Cupcake

This prop or props must be clearly visible and somehow used/featured in the movie.

Your Character: A Glutton.

This character should engage in gluttony during the film. Talking about food and/or eating voraciously throughout their screen presence.

Your Dialogue:

Don’t interrupt me like that!
Why are wrong numbers never busy?
I remember every detail.
I’m sorry, were you talking to me?
Can I take a picture of you?
Don’t get mad, I just need to talk
Man I thought he was dead.
everybody’s dead
Be careful!
Get over yourself!

You must use five of the lines above! This dialogue must be kept in intact sentences or phrases , but the order, the timing or usage of these sentences is entirely up to your group. These five sentences MUST be able to be heard clearly in the final movie.

Your Genre: Crime Film

Definition of genre:

Crime films can be developed around the sinister actions of criminals or gangsters, bank robbers, underworld figures, or ruthless hoodlums who operate outside the law, stealing and murdering their way through life. They can also be comedies like Office Space and The Hangover where everyday people end up getting entangled in criminal behavior.

Crime film examples:

Rear Window
Oceans Eleven
Office Space
The Maltese Falcon
Natural Born Killers
Fight Club
Batman Begins, Dark Knight etc.
Usual Suspects
Reservoir Dogs

We want to remind the groups that we do not want to see explicit gory violence, nudity or extreme foul language in these films. If you enter a film that portrays excessive gore or other inappropriate content it may be disqualified from judging and/or viewing. If swears/cursing are present they may be muted/bleeped out. Stick to TV appropriate language and/or actions and there won’t be any issues. It will save us from having to edit out inappropriate language.

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