Spring 2008 Prompt

***** Below is the Prompt for the Spring 2008 50 Hour Film Contest *****

Your Prop: A Postcard.

This prop must be clearly visible and somehow used/featured in the movie.

Your Character:  A character that is a Conspiracy Theorist.

This character’s paranoid conspiracies must be talked about/acted out by an actor in the film.  The audience/judges must
realize that the actor is the character described because of his belief in conspiracies.

Your Dialogue:

“People say it’s always been that way around here.”
“Simmer down, pal.”
“Do you really think that would work?”
“Bumper stickers don’t lie.”
“That’s random.”
“I love a good parade.”
“You are dead to me.”
“Is it still raining/snowing?”
“I know kung fu.”
“I’ll bet you are.”
“We have a connection.”

You must use five of the lines above! This dialogue must be kept in
intact sentences, but the order, the timing or usage of these sentences
is entirely up to your group. These five sentences MUST be able to be
heard clearly in the final movie.

Your Genre: Mockumentary

The mockumentary is presented as a documentary recording real life, but is in fact fictional. It is a commonly used medium
for parody and satire. They are often used to analyze current events and issues by using a fictional setting. Your
mockumentary should center around a real/fictional event that you are documenting/parodying. It is common in
Mockumentaries to use interviews with b roll “real life” footage interspersed to tell the story.
Mockumentaries are often partly or wholly improvised by the actors, there is a framework for the action/plot but the actors
have leeway in the dialogue and their actions to make the mockumentary have a more lifelike feel.

Example Mockumentary films:

  • This is Spinal Tap!
  • A Mighty Wind
  • CB4
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • Pure Pwnage

We want to remind the groups that we do not want to see explicit violence or language in these films. If we receive a film that portrays graphic violence or inappropriate content it may be disqualified from judging and/or viewing. If swears are present they will be muted out. Stick to TV appropriate language and it will save us from having to mute out inappropriate language.

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